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Inelia Benz looks at 2017 on The Hundredth Monkey Radio Jan 15 2017

Sunday, January 15th, 2017
This is Inelia’s first incarnation on any planet. This basically means she was born free from self-importance, attachments, personal agendas, the desire for personal evolution, or a desire for soul advancement.

She arrived knowing only that the planet needed to vibrate at a higher level in order to "feel right". What she did not know was how to assist in raising the vibration and how to communicate the need for a higher vibration to others.

Initially, Inelia tried emulating other people’s actions by getting married, having children, having problems, and learning about human suffering. Although this gave her a deeper understanding of what others considered important, it did not assist in reaching her aim.

In her early 20s, she realized the key lay in human communication. She enrolled at Dublin City University in Communication Studies and graduated with a First Class Honors Degree.

Inelia Benz 2

Inelia Joy Light Love

She then perfected her grasp of communication by observing and studying organizational communication, human physiological manipulation, the cult mind-set and the influence of social media.

In January 2010, she received a request from Source to “go public as a person” in order to promote the message of empowerment and sovereignty to the masses. Emerging from anonymity, she became a messenger of personal and global empowerment . Over the next four years, she has worked tirelessly to explore, investigate, develop, and disseminate tools, including meditations and exercises, that were quick, mystery-free, and highly effective — tools used by hundreds of thousands of people to achieve personal empowerment and, in so doing, to contribute to the goal of raising the vibration of the planet.

To learn more about Inelia we highly recommend that you read connect with her Talks and Courses, which are published exclusively at

If you are already familiar with Inelia and her work, you are invited to join our Walk With Me Now Platform.

Laura Eisenhower on The Hundredth Monkey Radio June 19 2016

Sunday, June 19th, 2016

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower
June 19 2016

Through natural alchemy, Sacred Union, and living the entire mythological body of the Goddess, Laura is powerfully creating global transformation on the Venus path. Taking on the darkest forces on Earth, Laura reveals the influence of the false matrix and conquers the hidden agendas that are affecting our personal freedom. She opens the gateways for ascension, reveals the source of ancient symbols, and brings to light the true Holy Grail.

Practice & Research: 
societal/cultural affairs, conflict resolution & peacekeeping, ancient matriarchal cultures, wilderness leadership, exopolitics, galactic research, environmental science, mysticism, alchemy, metaphysics, holistic health, multidimensional travel, and natural systems philosophy


Russell Chen (Dragons) on The Hundredth Monkey Radio Oct 12 2014 Hour Two(members)

Monday, October 13th, 2014


Russell J.W. Chen (Dragons)
Oct 7 2014

Russell Chen has been a researcher within the metaphysical and spiritual realm for over 25 years. Although his studies have brought him into the many subjects surrounding the idea of metaphysical reality, consciousness and alternative history, he has become captivated by the irresistible lure and enormous implications of dragon encounters and the reality of their presence throughout earth’s history.

When a chance encounter with a benevolent rainbow dragon sends him down the proverbial rabbit hole of exploits, Russell discovers fascinating truths about these legendary beings that undermine prevailing notions of their history. This experience eventually sets him on a path to gather modern day tales of dragon encounters in hopes of bringing the mystery to life.

His exploration has opened the doors to many great adventures of discovery, including a mission to assist a wounded dragon, a meeting with the Council of Dragons and other places betwixt and between. These stories have been compiled and edited in a forthcoming anthology “Messages from the Dragon Realm” which serves to lend voice to these misunderstood beings and to restore their rightful place, in love and respect, as guardians and protectors of the planet and mankind. 

Russell has been interviewed on The Paranormal Zone’s 2-part series on dragons that aired on NBC Universal’s Syfy Asia Channel. He currently resides between Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur with his fiance and has a creative career producing digital media projects.

Sevan-Time of Change- On The Hundredth Monkey Radio Sept. 21 2014 Hour Two(Members)

Sunday, September 21st, 2014

James Evans Bomar III born on October 22, 1978 in Detroit Michigan and is theAuthor of the Code to the Matrix and the Developer of The Resistance and The Wholeness Foundation. 

He is deeply involved in universal transformation and currently resides in Costa Rica. James possesses an atypical background that has lead him to developing The Resistance exemplifying strength and infinite possibility of a person’s creative spirit by not just giving opinions but setting the example. The example being, who one was yesterday and is today is nothing similar to what one can become tomorrow. He has been a Computer Engineer, Gang Member, Pastor, CEO, Prisoner, Enlightener, Telemarketer, Clothing Designer, Convenient Store Clerk, Promoter, Inventor, Cipherist, and many other rare and sometimes controversial positions to arise as a Quickener that can relate to people from all walks of life. James is currently working in Costa Rica developing a community and virtual institute with the primary focus of Neo-Universalism, finding the common integers of all Species in order to learn how to build bridges to a balanced Mind, Body and Soul. Book: Code to the Matrix:


Betsey Lewis Returns to The Hundredth Monkey Radio March 30 2014 Hour One

Sunday, March 30th, 2014


Betsy Lewis
March 30 2014

The paranormal has been the normal for me since the age of 8 months after a UFO terrified my parents while they drove on a lonely road in Northern Idaho to Southern Idaho. That night my parents and I lost two hours in time! My next encounter occurred at age seven when a massive silver disk chased me home from school. Shortly after this event I began to experience haunting dreams of catastrophic changes to our planet. At the same time I sensed an urgent message had been imparted to me, but what it was or who had given it to me remained a mystery until recently. Much of the message is still being revealed to me, but this I know...our world is going through a massive transformation.  Much of what I've experienced and felt is revealed in my non-fiction book, Angels, Alien and Prophecy.   My next book will be available on March 30, 2013 on Amazon Kindle on the power of 13 and it's symbolic meaning.

Maureen St Germain on The Hundredth Monkey Radio March 23 2014 Hour One

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

Picture Maureen St. Germain 
March 23 2014 
In her latest book, Be A Genie, author and intuitive Maureen St. Germain assists people in meeting, and surpassing, their life dreams and goals using the laws of quantum physics and secrets of sacred geometry, along with easy to learn, step-by-step, practical tools and practices found in Be a Genie.

Using the principles and practices of the Genie System for the past 20 years, Maureen has created a life filled with love, success and happiness.  Starting with an annual salary of $35,000, she single-handedly paid off $50,000 of both her and her former husband’s debt, put 3 of her 4 sons through college ($100,000), manifested the career of her dreams, landed a 3-book deal with a major publisher, went on to write best seller Beyond the Flower of Life, wrote and recorded over 15 meditation CDs and married the man of her dreams. It is her passion to help people grow and evolve, and her mission to help others manifest their heart’s desire. 

As the mystic:

She has traveled and taught workshops worldwide for almost 20 years. Author of the bestseller, Beyond the Flower of Life, Maureen has been teaching the MerKaBa Meditation and Higher Self connection to audiences worldwide since 1994. In 2003 she was given direct access to a dimension that has been closed to humanity for eons – the Akashic Records.

Maureen is a guest you will return to over and over. Considered the Practical Mystic, you can count on her wit and wisdom to entertain you and your audience.  Best-selling author, musician and producer of over 15 guided meditation CDs, Maureen St. Germain is a prolific writer, talented musician and direct channel to Source.


Kelly La Sha and Perry Mills Soul Sovereignty on THMR Feb 9 2014 Hour One

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

Kelly La Sha & Perry Mills


Kelly La Sha has a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Marketing and Cross Cultural Training. With over 30 years of experience in reading energy and shamanic healing, her expertise is in midwifing souls through their journey to the 5th dimension. She is the author of Liquid Mirror and co-author of Surfing the Transformational Waves of 2012.

My Story

My training began at the age of four when my stepfather came into my life. My single mother and I had been absconded by a satanic group that had intended to entrap our souls into the practices of the dark arts. My stepfather, whose story is far more profound than mine, was a medium for an interdimensional being called Mota. Mota notified him that my mother and I were being held captive and gave him a remote viewing of where we were. He found us, broke in to the encampment and rescued not only a mother and daughter, but also our eternal souls that would have been severely damaged by the hardcore practices of what I have learned to be called the illuminati.

My parents married shortly after and my 15 years of training with my stepfather and Mota began. My regular sessions with Mota consisted of questions and answers about the universe, our earth and the deception of religion. Then I would receive an “energy download.” Mota would place a hand on the top of my head and emit seeds of wisdom unto me and open my vision to perceive energy. I was literally trained to read the energy of the soul and discern between the light and the dark. My stepfather would often take me to public places and we would practice reading the energy of others. I learned how to see the masks of the dark artists and the agendas behind their lies and deceit. Furthermore, I was taught how to see the energy of light, the frequency of pure love. It is more rare to see love than it is to see density on our earth at this time. Most relationships are co-dependent and founded on fear: insecurity or arrogance. It was because of this painful reality that I resisted most of my training and longed for a normal childhood. But it was explained to me that I would greatly benefit from my efforts at a later time in my life when the earth would approach a particular cycle.

It was heartbreaking to “see” so early on, the painful condition of humanity through the heart of my intense compassion. When I moved on to college, I intentionally left my spiritual path, shut off my vision, and tried to erase the knowledge of my training. I convinced myself that it was all a scam and that I could just believe in the Light and exist as a normal woman, have a career, and raise a family. My strategy worked for a very short period of time, and depression eventually awakened me to the suffering of my stifled soul. I began to voraciously search for anything that would resemble and validate my training. My stepfather had left his body by this time, so I was on my own to claim my own understanding of truth. Shamanism was the closest thing that I found that could encompass the scope of Mota’s teachings.

Fortunately, I found some wonderful shamans to work with. I also went to initiatory sacred sites in Peru and journeyed with the master healer teacher plants Ayahuasca and Huachuma. Throughout my shamanic journey the seeds of wisdom that Mota had implanted continued to germinate. My vision returned and for the first time, I translated my energetic understandings in my book Liquid Mirror to share the joy of the freedom from fear and the expansiveness of Love.

My journey continues as I broaden my self-identity to include my 5th dimensional self and recall my soul’s intention for this incarnation. I have had numerous spontaneous “visits” Home, including journeys to the Pleiades. On those journeys I receive very intense experiences of unconditional love and support. I also gain clarity on the preciousness of our souls and my role as a star seed to help midwife souls through the 5th dimensional shift that is upon us. Surfing the Transformational Waves of 2012 is my offering to souls who wish to awaken to their Godselves. The opportunity before us is to broaden our awareness in order to be able to see our way through the 3rd and 4th dimensional beings that are attempting to prevent us from realizing our power and our innate sovereignty. My soul’s purpose is to help free souls from the dense wounds of fear and to offer tools for individuals to learn how to broaden their frequency by mastering their energy so they can joyously live out the purpose of their incarnation. 


Perry Mills has enjoyed a passionate study into both eastern and western wisdom traditions. He has worked as an astrologer, tarot reader and cabalist. His experience in the areas of entheogenic journeying, divining modalities, energy reading, experiential shamanism and channeling is extensive. He is also a trained mediator in conflict resolution, with the focus on balancing personal psychological power dynamics. He has written many articles and co-authored the book “Surfing the Transformational Waves of 2012” with his wife, Kelly La Sha.  As the owner of an aerospace machining company, he is also a fabricator of precise metal architectures used in aircraft and spacecraft. Concurrently, with all of his other pursuits, he has been an avid guitarist and songwriter, performing professionally and recording no less than 5 musical albums. After forty years of esoteric study, his passion is now geared toward the synthesis of the mysteries of both dual and non-dual spiritual paths, simultaneous time, and practical magic. Currently, he is focusing on our personal access to 5th dimensional awareness, divine creativity, and direct connection to the infinite power of Love.


J M DeBord (Dreams) on The Hundredth Monkey Radio November 17 2013 Hour Two(members)

Sunday, November 17th, 2013


Ronald Holt on The Hundredth Monkey Radio September 8 2013 Hour 2

Sunday, September 8th, 2013


Ronald Holt began his spiritual training as a teenager in northern California when he devoted himself to a committed practice of Wing Chun Kung Fu. This gave him the foundation of a steady mind, focused thought, and the ability to sense subtle flows of energy. In the late 1970s, as a young man in his early 20s, he began his practice of meditation, even through his tour of duty on an aircraft carrier in the US Navy. Once honorably discharged, he moved to New Mexico (USA) and began a serious study of esoteric spirituality, studying under a teacher and channel outside of Albuquerque.

Throughout his life he has always received inspiration and information, but when he was younger he didn’t know how to use it. During the 1980s, he began to receive information regarding the ancient science of sacred geometry – most especially utilizing the wisdom of the platonic solid called the octahedron. His explorations into sacred geometry continued and in the early 1990s he began teaching workshops based on sacred geometry and meditation. He also traveled extensively to sacred sites in the American southwest and Hawaii, and let nature and his inner inspirations teach him what he needed to know for the future.

At this time, he was also working as a marine and field archaeologist for the prestigious Bishop Museum of Honolulu – with projects that took him to all of the Hawaiian Islands and the Marianas Islands (Rota, Guam, Saipan, and Tinian). In this work, he had the great opportunity to work with the Hawaiian medicine people called kahunas, which furthered his education and practice of indigenous spirituality.

In 1997, Ron became the director of Flower of Life Research, an organization that spreads the teachings of sacred geometry and meditation worldwide. He had the responsibility to teach other teachers, develop new programs, and continue teaching his original workshops that uniquely combine meditation, martial arts principles, sacred geometry, and the wisdom of the Earth into profound experiential seminars that are life-changing for participants.

Ron is also a certified teacher of Taoist yoga (Korean Sundoh style), and has trained in Hatha yoga at the master educational level (500 hours). Since his teenage years he has utilized the training he has had in various forms of Kung Fu. Today, he combines his training in the internal martial arts, meditation, sacred geometry, and archaeology with his unique methods to work with opening the human heart. His workshops (sometimes together with wife Lyssa Royal Holt) are inspiring, life-changing, and totally unique. By nature he is a private person who does not feel comfortable “going public”, but his many students continually ask for more. Through the SOLi School, we are thrilled to offer more of his original work. Ron’s workshops tangibly help connect the student to their own source of Divine energy so that they can truly feel their connection to the universe and apply that wisdom to everyday life in an easy, practical way.